Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Once around the Beltway...

...or, your daily fix of linkagery for Tuesday.

Patrick Reddington at Federal Baseball leads off with a good post on Nats rookie reliever Drew Storen.

Harrisburg and Potomac were off yesterday, but Brian Oliver has the rundown on what happened to Syracuse and Hagerstown at Nationals Farm Authority.

Chris Needham speculates on Stephen Strasburg being named to the NL All-Star team.

The Nationals Enquirer has a gripe with MASN. There's a fair bit of schadenfreude over the O's woes in the comments.

Harper at Nationals Baseball looks at ways to patch up Nyjer Morgan's lefty problem. Meanwhile, Joe Drugan considers the rest of the offense and its streakiness at Capitol Baseball.

Nats320 starts a series of posts about Nolan Ryan's attempt to change the pitching culture of the Texas Rangers. This promises to be interesting.

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