Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Grinch That Stole Strasmas

Yup, that was Brian Bannister of the Royals doing his Zack Greinke imitation against the Nationals yesterday, blanking them 1-0 with the help of reliever Robinson Tejeda and closer Joakim Soria. Steven Strasburg pitched an okay game himself, going six innings with 9 K's and no walks but giving up nine hits to the light-hitting Royals for a game score of 59-  a quality start, but not much better than Luis Atilano's start yesterday.
Yes, Hunter Wendelstedt clearly blew the call on Roger Bernadina, but it shouldn't have come down to one damn run. Patrick Reddington has all the ugly details at Federal Baseball. Mark Zuckerman says there's plenty of offensive blame to spread around. In any case, who would have thought Strasburg's first defeat would come at the hands of the lowly Royals? Meanwhile, in the Poorly Timed Posts department, Mike Henderson argues that Strasburg ought to go to the All-Star Game.

Both the Class A farm teams were off last night, but there was action in Syracuse, Harrisburg and Vermont, (not to mention the GCL) last night. Brian Oliver puts us some knowledge.

Down in St. Charles, the Blue Crabs took the second game in the series against Newark 4-0 and go for the sweep tonight at 7:05.

On the other hand, the Baysox got thumped again by the Reading Phillies, 8-3; Frederick is still on the Carolina League All-Star break.

Meanwhile, Rob Dibble deploys his mad analytical skillz:
Almost certainly inspired by this. Kinda makes me glad I was in class last night and not actually watching that, and I like Rob. :facepalm:
(h/t Fire Jim Bowden)

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