Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Morning After Strasmas

FJB provides a helpful list of all the pitchers who've had 14 K's and no walks in their debut, and a somewhat more expansive list of pitchers who have had that kind of game. Lot of Hall of Fame pitchers on that list.

Nick Steiner at Hardball Times brings the pitch fx.

David Pinto slices FJB's list a little differently to show who pitched the most high-K, no-walk games. Also via Baseball Musings (which you really ought to be reading, it's the freaking Instapundit of baseball), the WaPo's Mike Wise on how the myth became reality.

Chris Needham of Capital Punishment brings the snark with a reminder of who needs to be thanked for our Strasmas present.

Jen from Nationals Fangirls welcomes young Mr. Strasburg to Washington. Lots of nice pix.

I have to revise my remarks on our new starter. At first I thought he had a strong resemblance to Nolan Ryan, who also brought the heat and didn't yield the strike zone to anyone, but after looking at the lists from FJB and Baseball Musings, I realize he's a lot more like Roger Clemens, who always had the control along with the fastball. Nolan Ryan was pretty wild in his early days with the Mets, and we forget that in addition to being the career strikeout leader, he's also the career leader in walks.

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