Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday morning linkagery

Good morning, and a happy Monday to you! Leading off, we have Patrick Reddington's thoughts on Stephen Strasburg living up to all the hype (and boosting ticket sales besides) over at Federal Baseball; also at FB, a recap of Strasburg's second win yesterday behind a nine-run Nats attack.
If you're into that sort of thing, David Pinto liveblogged Strasburg's start.

Mark Zuckerman has a good essay on the Nationals riding the Strasburg wave.

Speaking of Mr. Strasburg, Steven at FJB turns a skeptical eye on Jim Riggleman's lineup behind the phenom and calls for MOAR DEFENSE. Joe Drugan at Capitol Baseball doesn't like those lineups either, but he wants MOAR OFFENSE.

I like what Chris at Capitol Punishment has to say about Strasburg's stuff.

Jenn at Nationals Fangirls suffers the pain of increased expectations.

Meanwhile, down on the farm...

In my former home of Minneapolis, Aaron Gleeman compares Francisco Liriano 2.0 to the original release and doesn't spare the sabermetric tools. (OMG NUMBERS)