Thursday, June 17, 2010

And the ugly just keeps on coming.

Tigers go for the sweep tonight against Luis Atilano after picking the well-done remains of Livan Hernandez out of their teeth. I only saw the last couple of innings thanks to my Wednesday night accounting class, and frankly I was glad to miss the rest after I saw the line score at the bottom of the screen. For those of you that are feeling the need for a little self-flagellation this morning, Patrick Reddington at Federal Baseball has the oogly details. Shorter, less painful version is offered by Dave Nichols at Nationals News Network. Mark Zuckerman points out that last night's loss is unfortunately characteristic of many other Nats' losses this season, and Ben Goessling at MASN agrees. On the other paw, David Pinto thinks it may not be that Livan had an off night, but rather that the Tigers were extremely patient.

Meanwhile, at Nationals Journal, Adam Kilgore brings the word from pitching coach Steve McCatty that what may be ailing John Lannan may not be just mental. McCatty also gives his opinions on Nolan Ryan's pitching reforms in Texas over at Nats320.

Joe Drugan unhappily reviews the voting for the All-Star Game, in which the unworthy are (as usual) rewarded and the good players are (as usual) gettiung the shaft.

Elsewhere in the major leagues, Joe Posnanski wonders if Moneyball is dead, while his commenters rush to remind him that Billy Beane has always hated watching A's games.
Up in Minnesota, Scott Baker almost collects a baker's dozen of Ks against the Rockies, and Aaron Gleeman finds that this puts him in some interesting company.

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