Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day.

Here's hoping the Nats give us dads something else to be happy about today. Yesterday's shutout by Jake Peavy was not that sort of thing. Patrick Reddington, as usual, has the details over at Federal Baseball.

Steven at FJB has a suggestion about the offense.  Mark Zuckerman observes that Pudge will continue to be a part of that offense as he makes a run at 3000 hits. Not that he's going to need that for Cooperstown, but it won't hurt. Nats Triple Play seems to be arguing for some creative roster destruction in order to get the offense going.

Elsewhere, Mike Henderson notes Craig Stammen's shutout at Syracuse and speculates that Craig may be back with us soon.

And that's all your linkagery for June 20. Enjoy your Sunday.

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